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Advice for women entering the fields of medical physics and STEM.

Career Development Videos

How to Become a Successful Physicist - Learn how to become a good physicist and how to train aspiring physicists.

Professional societies and you - Take advantage of the member benefits and also volunteer for leadership positions, joining a society can help advance your career.

Stepping off the tenure track - Pursuing a professorship doesn't have to be the default career choice. Learn how to decide if staying in academia is right for you.

When (and when not) to volunteer at work - Evaluate extracurricular opportunities and make an informed decision about whether to accept or not.

A Whole New World: Preparing for Life After Academia - Evaluate your personal values, skills, abilities, and knowledge to understand what sort of career will fulfill you professionally.

If You Lead, Will They Follow? Leadership Skills: A Critical Tool for Career Success - Learn about various aspects of leadership, how they affect your career, and how to develop your own leadership skills.

Virtual Networking Webinar - Reveal your ability to network virtually amid the COVID-19 crisis.

Going Virtual: The Interview and Job Talk - Dive into leveraging virtual platforms to execute an interviewing plan that will help you land that dream job.

Career Planning in a Crisis: How to Move Your Career Forward - Learn how to build and execute a strong, customized crisis management plan for your career.

Career Guidance

Learn valuable information about handling an unexpected, unplanned career change, including detailed first-person accounts and an essential primer on employment law for physicists.

Career Advice

Alaina G. Levine is a STEM career consultant, science and engineering writer, and professional speaker and comedian.

Career Profiles

Review detailed information about some of the most exciting available career paths in the science and engineering fields.

Resume/Branding Advice

The resume is the first, and sometimes only, impression a hiring manager will get of an individual applying for a Medical Physics position. Therefore, the Placement Services Subcommittee thought it
important to provide some advice and examples that would educate and guide individuals in constructing a clear and professional looking resume.

Interview Advice

Interviewing soon? Prepare for both technical and behavioral questions with real-world advice from experienced AAPM member colleagues, including an essential interviewing boot camp to aid you in
putting your very best foot forward.