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One 30-day Online Job Posting: Career Position
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"The AAPM process for posting a position is easy and we received a significant number of qualified applicants for our physicist position within a very short period of time. This allowed us to conduct several telephone and in-person interviews which resulted in hiring the best candidate in less than 60 days!"

"We have filled one of our positions with AAPM Careers Services and are working to fill one more. AAPM is highly used for recruiting purposes and I must mention the process to place the ad is extremely user friendly. We will definitely be using AAPM Career Services if and when we are doing another search."

AAPM Career Services has listings for medical physics jobs in specialized disciplines like radiation oncology, radiological physics, diagnostic imaging, dosimetry, health physics, radiation safety, nuclear medicine, and imaging. Find a job here in industry as a certified medical physicist, chief physicist, or clinical physicist, or as an instructor, assistant or associate professor faculty member in medical physics.